Basics 40 Lessons of business basics

"The Basics of Business course provides a foundational understanding of key principles such as finance, marketing, operations, and management, empowering participants with essential knowledge for effective decision-making in the business world."


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Course Overview

Fundamental Concepts: The course covers essential concepts in business, including the basics of economics, accounting, and finance, ensuring participants develop a comprehensive understanding of foundational principles.

Functional Areas: Participants gain insights into various functional areas of business such as marketing, operations, human resources, and management, providing a well-rounded perspective on how different aspects contribute to overall organizational success.

Business Ethics: The importance of ethical considerations in business is underscored, with discussions on responsible business practices, corporate social responsibility, and ethical decision-making forming a crucial part of the curriculum.

Entrepreneurial Insight: The course introduces participants to the entrepreneurial mindset, exploring the key elements of starting and managing a business. It may cover topics such as business planning, risk management, and the entrepreneurial process.

Industry Relevance: Emphasis is placed on real-world applicability, with case studies and examples drawn from diverse industries. This approach ensures that participants can apply the knowledge gained in the course to various business contexts and environments.

Course Content

img 33 Lectures img 6 Hours
  • 11. big business plans

  • 12. Simple calculations

  • 13. Must measure your success

  • 14. Should not need money

  • 15. Just big customer

  • 16. design best email

  • 17. Hiring

  • 18. 18.Basic business communication

  • 19. Business meeting

  • 19. Business meeting

  • 20. More important than business

  • 21. Joy of doing

  • 22. New policy for business

  • 23. Delegate or end

  • 24. Trust & verify

  • 25. Delegate but don ot abdicate

  • 26. What is basic

  • 27. Purpose of business

  • 28. Your purposes clarity

  • 29. Two Purposes

  • 30. Takes 5 to 10 yrs

  • 31. Business is more

  • 32. A learning machine