Think Again

"Explore the transformative power of critical thinking and perspective-shifting in the enlightening course based on concept of 'Think Again'."


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Course Overview

1.Developing Mental Flexibility: The course delves into strategies for cultivating a mindset of intellectual agility, empowering participants to challenge their existing beliefs and consider alternative perspectives with openness and curiosity.

2.Effective Decision-Making: Through practical exercises and case studies, participants learn how to navigate complex decision-making scenarios by embracing uncertainty, questioning assumptions, and leveraging diverse viewpoints to make more informed and innovative choices.

3.Building Resilience to Cognitive Biases: By exploring common cognitive biases and logical fallacies, participants gain insights into their own thinking patterns and learn techniques to mitigate bias, enhancing their ability to think critically and make sound judgments in both personal and professional contexts.

Course Content

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  • 2.Think again - Tools we cling too Preview