ZAD Layers of universe

"Dive into this series as we unravel the mysteries of both the visible and hidden realms of the universe, challenging and shattering long-held beliefs about the very fabric of our existence."


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73 Hours




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Course Overview


  1. Our Assumption: Do We Understand Creation and Existence?
    A foundational exploration into our preconceptions about the universe and our place within it.
  2. Tapah -- Divine Wholeness ? 
    Delving into Divine Wholeness:** An examination of 'Tapah' and its significance as the starting point of creation.
  3. Janah -- The Universe of Divine Fragmentations
     A study on 'Janah', The universe is of both fragmented divity 
  4. Mahah -- The Major Ring-Pass-Not
    The Boundary of Comprehension:** An exploration into 'Mahah' as a significant limit or boundary in our understanding or experience.
  5. Existence Begins 
    A contemplation on the beginning phases of existence and its various facets.
  6. Svahah--Bhuvah--Bhuh -- The Universes of Existence
    Three Realms and Beyond: Deepening our understanding of the three realms mentioned in the Gayatri Mantra and their significance in the cosmic structure.
  7. Return to the Source -- The Journey Back Home
    Nature of existence and the spiritual journey back to the origin.
  8. Conscious Death and Conscious Birth
    An exploration into the interconnectedness of life, death, rebirth, and conscious transitions between them.
  9. The Technique of Correct Thinking
    A guide on how to harmonize conventional thinking with esoteric practices, prepping the mind for advanced yogic techniques.
  10. Man, is both Computerized Organism and Transcendence Itself
    An examination of humans as both biological entities and transcendent beings, hinting at the blend of science and spirituality.
  11. Practices
    Specific techniques or rituals to facilitate spiritual growth and understanding.
  12. Pratyahara -- The Most Important Step
    'Pratyahara' as a pivotal step in the journey, focusing on retracting one's senses from external distractions.
  13. Dharna--Dhyana--Samadhi
    Guiding you through the phases of concentration, meditation, and eventual unity with the divine.
  14. A summary
    Key takeaways and lessons learned. 

Course Content

img 205 Lectures img 73 Hours
  • Like ice and water

  • Four celestial beings

  • Quality of celestial beings

  • Space is not just that

  • Super intelligent beings

  • Why Souls glow

  • Celestial beings choose freely

  • Some choose Janah others suvah

  • Divine fragment to individual

  • Play the game in peace

  • Krishna offer to Arjuna

  • Ring pass not

  • 4 Objectives of ring pass not

  • New rules of existence

  • Why this inequality

  • No one forced us

  • Purpose of ring pass not

  • Three worlds 3 bodies

  • Bodies keep getting heavy

  • Pattern, nebulous & actuality

  • Animals came much later

  • One day of life

  • Divine fragment whispers

  • Three Vital principles

  • Source of life

  • Triguna

  • Awareness vs Consciousness

  • Para and fractures

  • Individual mind & Knowledge

  • Do you believe your Divine fragment

  • Mind vs body

  • Prayers and Bhuh

  • Vibrations

  • Humans and Vibrations

  • Colder than cold

  • Bodies get heavier

  • Unimaginable worlds

  • At nadir point

  • New law of omission

  • Arise and awake you are divine fragment

  • Vanvas

  • Redeem

  • Karma ek purana idea hai

  • Redeem your mind

  • This is a journey

  • Find Divine fragment within

  • Let Divine fragment lead

  • Must for advanced yoga

  • Godhead is not cosmic consciousness

  • People from existence

  • These are childish actions

  • Your goldmine

  • What & Why of existence

  • 3 speeds in this body

  • Essence of consciousness

  • Most important practice

  • Process of birth

  • Why child cry at birth

  • Last 3 warnings

  • Last rites for whome

  • Hell heaven - childish ideas

  • Problem with Prayers

  • Five spiritual musts

  • Know your past lives

  • Learn to shift bodies

  • Yoga is union of what to what


  • Only then DF can help us

  • Aum kya kab kaise

  • Be biologically complete first

  • Why mind drifts

  • Shades of thinking instrument

  • Powerful practice

  • 2 memory pools

  • Memory ke khel

  • Memory leaks

  • Not dharna and dhyan

  • Lower psychic powers

  • How to speed your growth

  • Intuition is very superior

  • Even with advanced yogi

  • How to hear our divine fragment

  • Right pasture of prana

  • Brain & mind

  • Disciple kya hai

  • God ocean and man

  • Getting below the surface of brain

  • Why do you answer my questions

  • Dont waste preaches

  • What is meditation

  • Live 2 lives

  • Need two way communication

  • Body is not human human

  • Drift is important

  • All brings have similar structure

  • We are in a cage

  • Remember these important points

  • Who brought this suffering

  • False I

  • True I & false I

  • Rising in consciousness

  • Birth of desire

  • Desire still birth or good baby

  • Motive & karma

  • Desire ki kheti

  • Moment of soft spoken with Transcendence

  • Soft spoken moments

  • 3a 3b 3c

  • Awareness & insight area

  • Recapitulation

  • Empty your boat

  • Practices Drift watching

  • Drift will reduce slowly

  • Corrective methods

  • Anger and jealousy correct methods

  • You are not animal

  • This is your aura

  • This is an exile a vanvaas

  • what we need to learn

  • Memory friend and enemy

  • Three step breathing

  • Refining exercises

  • Awareness excercise

  • Sleep cause

  • Sleep 2

  • UDM inside out

  • Without UDM life will stop

  • Being awake

  • Most important act

  • Holy Grail is S center

  • Dont wait for shock high on

  • They block your awareness

  • When life wants to prepare you

  • Suffer and dont complain

  • Alchemy is transformation of suffering

  • Everything else is distraction

  • Pratyahar most important step

  • Pranayam is not breath

  • Who is detached

  • At Pratyahara

  • 1st circle of all chakras

  • Personally exploring solar system

  • UDM Universal divine mind

  • UDM & Divine fragment

  • Buddha mind

  • Pratyahara is with Inner Guru

  • Thinking without brain

  • UDM recedes from You

  • Natural & unnatural states

  • Real meaning of Kundalini rising

  • 3a 3b 3c Stage of yoga

  • Some important experiences

  • Reality 1

  • Perpetual Universal motion

  • Meaningless for meaningful

  • Stare naked

  • Dharna

  • Shifting bodies

  • Dhyana into Bhuvah

  • Krishna Vishva roopa

  • Some choose to reborn to help

  • This way you are freed forever

  • World is not unending

  • Other half of life

  • Zenyoga is a way to learn faster

  • Elementary practices for advanced practices

  • 2 types of thinking are very different

  • Involution vs evolution

  • Rays in molecular world

  • Matter & awareness

  • Spiritual reading

  • Silent area

  • Connect awareness with Silent area

  • Secrets No one knows

  • Yoga sutras

  • Sufficient value

  • Five hinderences in meditation

  • Five Yama of yoga

  • Truth & harmlesaness

  • Awareness stages

  • Why devote to God

  • How mind creates any effect

  • Objective & subjective response

  • Everything is for Soul

  • Few mystical aspects

  • Beware of these powers

  • Soul is without karma and time

  • Synthetic humanity from 65 million years future

  • Synthetic humans we helped by Divine fragments

  • Earth Jupiter and Sun are enlightened masters

  • Earth is in Dhyan stage

  • 5221 vs 2482

  • Remind divine principle till you are free

  • Your thoughts is your future

  • Kundalini aur chakra ka sach Ancient kundalini Yoga Unknown facts