Zenoga Basic Course (ZBC)

Embarking on a spiritual journey can be both exhilarating and intimidating. With our Zenoga Basic Course, or ZBC for short, we have crafted a structured pathway to ease you into the profound world of spiritual understanding.


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Course Overview

Embarking on a spiritual journey can be both exhilarating and intimidating. With our Zenoga Basic Course, or ZBC for short, we have crafted a structured pathway to ease you into the profound world of spiritual understanding.

Here's a glimpse into the modules covered in ZBC:

  1. Who is an Avatar and Why He is Guiding You ?
    Just as the material world operates on defined laws, the spiritual realm too has its principles. Discover the fundamental laws that underpin spiritual success. Grasping these laws will provide a roadmap to navigate the often tumultuous waters of spiritual exploration.
  2. Laws of Spiritual Success.
    Our mind is a complex web of thoughts, emotions, and energies. In this module, we'll break down the human mind into its four primary sections and delve into its seven core centers. Understanding these intricacies is pivotal to harnessing the mind's power and aligning it with spiritual goals.
  3. The Human Mind: Four Sections, Seven Centers.
    Every journey has its obstacles, and the spiritual path is no different. By identifying and understanding the most significant impediment to spiritual progress, you'll be better equipped to overcome it and advance with clarity and confidence.
  4. Biggest Block on the Path of Spiritual Growth.
    Understand the difference between the land of knowledge and the land of experience. This module illuminates the contrast between learning through theoretical wisdom and understanding through lived experiences.
  5. Gyan Bhumi vs. Bhogbhumi.
    Dive into the storms that rage within our psychic selves. Learn to navigate through internal conflicts, desires, and disturbances that often hinder spiritual progress.
  6. Psychic Tempest.
    Explore the transient nature of the mind and thought processes. Recognize the tendencies of both to drift and understand the reasons behind these drifts.
  7. Mind and Thinking: Both Drift.
    Every drift, be it mental or emotional, carries a message. Decode the significance behind these wanderings and harness them for personal growth.
  8. Drifts Have a Meaning.
    Dive deep into the intricacies of human cognition, understanding the unique characteristics and complexities that define the human mind.
  9. Mind of Man.
    Reflect on the nature of thought itself. Explore the mechanisms, triggers, and patterns behind our thinking processes.
  10. Do We Think and How.
    Understand the role of sleep in our well-being, its spiritual significance, and the optimal amount needed for holistic health.
  11. Must We Sleep and How Much.
    Learn techniques and philosophies to broaden your awareness, reaching new realms of understanding and enlightenment.
  12. Expanding Consciousness.
    Discover the intimate connection between our breath and conscious awareness, and how controlled breathing can elevate our spiritual experience.
  13. Breathing and Its Relationship with Consciousness.
    Navigate the different levels of spiritual existence, understanding their characteristics and significance.
  14. Spiritual Planes.
    Identify common pitfalls on the spiritual journey and learn strategies to circumvent them.
  15. Avoidable Mistakes.
    Explore the physiological aspects of spirituality, understanding how different brain centers influence our spiritual experiences.
  16. Brain Centers and Their Mechanism.
    Reflect on the power of choice, even in the minutiae of life, and its broader implications on our spiritual journey.
  17. Use of Free Will in Trifles.
    Integrate spiritual wisdom into everyday routines, ensuring a life that resonates with higher consciousness.
  18. Correct Methods in Daily Living.
    Recognize milestones, hurdles, and signs of growth as you tread the spiritual path.
  19. Progress on Path.
    Dive into the power of will, understanding its sources, strengths, and methods to enhance it.
  20. Internal Non-Equilibrium of Brain Centers.
    Discover the imbalances that can arise within our brain centers and their implications on our spiritual and mental well-being.
  21. How to Restore Internal Equilibrium of Brain Centers.
    Equip yourself with tools and techniques to re-balance and harmonize the functioning of your brain centers.
  22. Purpose of Life and Birth.
    Contemplate the profound questions surrounding our existence, uncovering the deeper meanings behind life and rebirth.

Through ZBC, we provide a holistic guide that combines ancient spiritual wisdom with contemporary insights, ensuring that seekers are well-equipped to navigate the spiritual realm. Dive deep, explore, and transform with each module.

Course Content

img 196 Lectures img 61 Hours
  • Welcome to Zenyoga basic course. Preview

  • Zenyoga & IESM क्या है | What is Zenyoga & IESM | Hindi Zenyoga

  • आध्यात्मिक पथ पर सबसे बड़ा अवरोध | Biggest blocks on spiritual path | Hindi Zenyoga

  • ये दुनिया भोगभूमि नहीं है | This world is not a land of pleasures | Hindi Zenyoga

  • चक्र नहीं वासना बदला है | Change lust, not cycle | Hindi Zenyoga

  • तूफान और खोज | Tempest & discovery | Hindi Zenyoga

  • आध्यात्मिक मार्ग निश्चित नहीं बल्कि गतिशील है | Spiritual path is not fixed | Hindi Zenyoga

  • अपनी आध्यात्मिकता के बारे में कैसे जानें | How to know about your spirituality | Hindi Zenyoga

  • एक एक कदम चलना है | You have to walk one-one step | Hindi Zenyoga

  • DRIFT 2 प्रकार के होते हैं | There are 2 types of DRIFT | Hindi Zenyoga

  • चेतना के 3 प्रकार | 3 types of consciousness | Hindi Zenyoga

  • हम Cosmic Consciousness को क्यों नहीं जानते हैं

  • हर एक Drift को ट्रैक करें | Why & How you should track every single drift

  • 2 बहुत ही महत्वपूर्ण कोटेशन | 2 very important quotations

  • अपने Drift के साथ क्या करना है | What to do with your drift

  • मनुष्य का यह मन क्या है | What is this mind of man

  • कैरेक्टर कैसा बनता है | How does a character become

  • विचारों के 4 पड़ाव | 4 stages of thoughts

  • मन के दो औजार | Two tools of the mind

  • आपके और आपके आत्मा के बीच 8 ब्लॉक | 8 blocks between you and your soul

  • बुद्धत्व की आखरी कहानी | विक्रम और वेताल

  • सोने का सबसे अच्छा समय | Best time to sleep

  • चेतना का विस्तार | Expanding Consciousness

  • वाइटल प्रिंसिपल | Vital principal

  • सांस, जीवन, चेतना | Breath, Life, Consciousness

  • सही, गलत कार्रवाई और निष्क्रियता | Right, Wrong action and Inaction

  • विल पावर VS फ्री विल | Will power VS Free will

  • स्पिरिचुअल प्लेन | Spiritual Plane

  • स्पिरिचुअल प्लेन क्या है | What is spiritual Plane

  • माइक्रोस्कोपिक फॉल्ट्स | Microscopic faults

  • पाप को ई और एस केंद्रों से बदलें | Replace sin with E and S centres

  • मन की सतर्कता तकनीक | Vigilance technique of mind

  • दैनिक बहाव का आयोजन | Organising daily drifts

  • विचार में गति और आवृत्ति होती है | Thought have speed and frequency

  • When 5221

  • I केंद्र की आजादी I centres freedom

  • Heart rate = breath rate = thought rate

  • Free will

  • How to use free will in small things

  • Yama niyana Kya hai

  • Food corrective methods

  • Food once per day

  • Corrective methods

  • Biggest social service

  • Slowly yet strongly prepare your body and mind

  • What we all really are

  • Find your foolishness

  • Equilibrium & non equilibrium of mind centres

  • If you want to understand you WILL understand

  • Its all because of subordinates

  • Change happens slowly, yet steadily

  • Section 1 cannot do section 2s work

  • Pure reasoning comes

  • Insignificant common man becomes Godlike

  • How many hours you have in a day

  • Hindi Zenyoga || Magic Formula

  • Hindi Zenyoga || great yet Useless questions

  • Hindi Zenyoga || Natures most advanced thermometer

  • Hindi Zenyoga || Guru cannot come to you

  • Hindi Zenyoga|| Gravity of life

  • Hindi Zenyoga || Avatar as meeting

  • Hindi Zenyoga || beware of feeling special

  • Hindi Zenyoga || Prepare body for nature

  • 67. Part 2||Observation in difficult times

  • Hindi Zenyoga || glamour of freedom

  • Hindi Zenyoga || Yoga sutra in light of Zenyoga

  • Hindi Zenyoga || Section 2 inherent nature

  • Hindi Zenyoga || Spiritual power

  • Hindi Zenyoga || world become superfluous

  • Hindi Zenyoga || Yoga is 3 things

  • Hindi Zenyoga || Source of fear and desires

  • Hindi Zenyoga || 7 guna asar

  • Hindi Zenyoga || Mind flows

  • Hindi Zenyoga || Dhyan Dharna kya hai

  • Hindi Zenyoga || Gospel 1 yama kya hai

  • Hindi Zenyoga || Niyama kya hai

  • Hindi Zenyoga || Replace Negative thoughts with positive

  • Hindi Zenyoga || Repulsion with old

  • Hindi Zenyoga || Spiritual growth is slow

  • Hindi Zenyoga || Mind evolution ke 4 stages

  • 84.part 2||Kya hai Meditation || in hindi || क्या है? क्या हो रहा है ?

  • Hindi Zenyoga || 4 stages and spiritual reading

  • 85.part2||4 Most Important question from ZBC

  • Hindi Zenyoga || resultant intensity and resultant pattern

  • Hindi Zenyoga || Ye khatarnak hai

  • Hindi Zenyoga || separate from body

  • Hindi Zenyoga || Omnipresent but relatively

  • Hindi Zenyoga || Avidya is the cause

  • Hindi Zenyoga || this is Real karma

  • Hindi Zenyoga || Good and evil

  • J Krishnamurti in Hindi || Self sacrifice || Commentaries on living

  • J Krishnamurti in Hindi || Self sacrifice 2

  • Dont Judge others but how

  • 94.Hindi Zenyoga || Plus Zenyoga units Kya hai

  • Hindi Zenyoga || Sleep and memory have hidden power

  • Hindi Zenyoga || 2 important tools

  • Hindi Zenyoga || Samadhi 2 types ki hote hain

  • Hindi Zenyoga || Master picks you up When..

  • Hindi Zenyoga || Why practice yoga

  • Hindi Zenyoga || Why meditation is not easy

  • 1.Hindi Zenyoga || Karma ka rishta hai

  • Hindi Zenyoga || Patent and latent karma

  • Hindi Zenyoga || Material and Spiritual worlds

  • Hindi Zenyoga || Even great yogi may fall back

  • Hindi Zenyoga || Travel at the speed of light

  • Hindi Zenyoga || Maha-avatar

  • 106.part 2 ||J Krishnamurti in Hindi || Separatedness

  • Hindi Zenyoga || Bhakti enough nahin hai

  • Hindi Zenyoga || Samadhi is a start

  • Hindi Zenyoga || Reason and reasoning are not same

  • Hindi Zenyoga || 4 sections and their tools

  • Hindi Zenyoga || Why is there memory

  • Hindi Zenyoga || What is most important

  • Hindi Zenyoga || Educated vs freedom

  • Hindi Zenyoga || Most important realisation

  • Hindi Zenyoga || Yoga & kundalini

  • 115.part 2||krishna ki gita ka sabse important teaching

  • Hindi Zenyoga || Pranayama is more than breath

  • Hindi Zenyoga || Nostril and other prana practices

  • Hindi Zenyoga || vayu nadiyan

  • Hindi Zenyoga || Chakra kya kaise

  • Hindi Zenyoga || Kundalini & Vagus

  • Hindi Zenyoga || Impulse control

  • Zenyoga Practice

  • Hindi Zenyoga || Prana apna vyana

  • Hindi Zenyoga || Udana prana

  • ZBC questions || plz help me

  • Hindi Zenyoga || How to make relatives spiritual

  • Anand Kaise milta hai

  • Hindi Zenyoga || Krishna gave to Vivasvan

  • Hindi Zenyoga || 4 sections of mind

  • Hindi Zenyoga || Maya and Resultant intensity

  • Hindi Zenyoga || High resultant intensity

  • Hindi Zenyoga || Disinfection chamber kya hai

  • Hindi Zenyoga || Molecular body and we

  • ZBC I centre by J Krishnamurti in Hindi

  • ZBC || Integrity

  • Hindi Zenyoga || I am incapable

  • ZBC || Krishnamurti is very difficult

  • ZBC question || Emotions disturbed hai

  • Hindi Zenyoga || Asana

  • Hindi Zenyoga || Asana 2

  • Hindi Zenyoga || No place for unconscious spirituality

  • Hindi Zenyoga || No place for unconscious spirituality

  • Types and purpose of your memories

  • Hindi Zenyoga || Say no to Artifical freedom

  • Desires khatm kyon nahin hoti

  • Hindi Zenyoga || iesm intensities

  • Hindi Zenyoga || We too are matter for some

  • Hindi Zenyoga || free your blocks

  • Hindi Zenyoga || Go anti gravity

  • Hindi Zenyoga || 1st Zenyoga Practices

  • Hindi Zenyoga || Practices and conditions

  • Hindi Zenyoga || Why practice

  • Hindi Zenyoga || reasoned vs regimented discipline

  • Hindi Zenyoga || reasoning & reasoned living

  • Hindi Zenyoga || Last day of life

  • Hindi Zenyoga || we cant see our conditionings

  • Hindi Zenyoga || Why Zenyoga

  • Hindi Zenyoga || internal traffic

  • Hindi Zenyoga || Master is waiting but

  • ZBC || Learning and teaching Zenyoga

  • ZBC || Vasana erasing

  • ZBC || How long will it take to be free

  • ZBC || How to handle EGO

  • ZBC || Drift watching why how

  • ZBC || How not to complain

  • ZBC || Zenyoga Practices

  • ZBC || What is our essence

  • ZBC || Celestial bodies & we

  • ZBC || feedback now its boring

  • ZBC || Do not vindicate

  • ZBC || kaise samjhaen

  • ZBC || start from pain & suffering

  • ZBC || Equalising iesm centre

  • ZBC || Your question to master

  • ZBC || How Krishna was an Avatar

  • ZBC || levels of freedom

  • ZBC || Sensetive instrument

  • ZBC || People below & above CCS

  • ZBC || Corrective Method while 3 step breathing

  • ZBC || Rhythm of reincarnation

  • ZBC || Satyamev jayate

  • ZBC || formula of reincarnation

  • Hindi Zenyoga || No heredity

  • ZBC || Freewill & real surrender

  • Hindi Zenyoga || moksh kya hai

  • Hindi Zenyoga || Thought pattern & resultant intensity

  • ZBC || When light is slow

  • Hindi Zenyoga || Conscious disinvest

  • ZBC || Secret Shift of conscience

  • ZBC || Summary of rebirth

  • ZBC || Magnet in this body WhatsApp

  • ZBC || Two brains togather

  • ZBC Question || Is happiness spirituality

  • ZBC || Zenyoga Practices